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Ways to Give

There are several ways to give to the MAGIC Center in support of student projects, research, and learning by doing. Below are just a few of the ways our alumni, friends, sponsors and partners can help support our work:

  • Make a Donation

    Please consider making a donation through the RIT Development & Alumni portal at http://www.rit.edu/gift. Note that for gifts to be directed to the MAGIC Center, you must select ‘Other Funds’ from the category selector, and choose ‘MAGIC Fund’ from the dropdown menu.This ensures that your gift is specifically targeted to the Center in support of student projects and research goals. Every gifts counts, no matter the size, as together they allow us to support our students and their amazing ideas.

  • Make a Corporate Donation

    Our corporate partners are encouraged to consider a gift through the Office of Development. Corporate partners should contact Mr. Paul Harris, Sr. Director of Corporate Relations, at paul.harris@rit.edu or (585) 475-4992. Such partners are also encouraged to contact Director Phelps and Assistant Director Hinton at the MAGIC Center.

  • Sponsor or Co-Sponsor one of our Events

    Often we work with partners that help support the Center by directly working with us on various events: hackathons, speakers, workshops, conferences – there are a wide variety of events such as these that your gracious help has allowed us to host, with major impacts for our students and affiliated faculty. If you are interested in supporting us in this fashion please contact Director Phelps and Assistant Director Hinton at the MAGIC Center.

  • Research funding

    At MAGIC, everything we do is project driven, and each project has unique and special needs based on what we’re trying to accomplish. Research funds cover a wide variety of forms and areas – from federal grants to corporate research & development, to contractual support with MAGIC Spell Studios, and sometimes gift-in-kind scenarios to help us get access to particular platforms or resources. If you are interested in supporting us in this fashion please¬†contact Director Phelps, Associate Director Egert, and/or Associate Director Jacobs at the MAGIC Center.

Reasons to Give

Walking into the MAGIC Center, visitors will see faculty and students experimenting, designing, and developing their ideas, with plans to create a finished product. Some projects are funded by outside grants, some are self-funded, while others are fully or partially funded by the MAGIC Center. Center funding isn’t tuition based, and it isn’t a part of any academic program: it comes from our supporters and partners like you, and supports a wide range of student activity.


Any alumni of RIT will tell you they worked on something awesome while they were a student here. But what you might also hear is that if they had just a little more time, a few extra resources, the ability to stick around over the summer and finish things, to polish them beyond the level that can be achieved in a class, or the support to advertise and market some of the things they were doing, that it really could been turned into something even bigger than it was. This is the chance we’re offering our students and partners – by working in a vibrant, multi-disciplinary center, by straddling the line between academic research and commercial production, our students have a unique opportunity to learn about digital media, production, and entrepreneurship throughout direct, hands on practice. This is why we are seeking your help – to help our students and to provide them the experience that is the hallmark of the MAGIC experience.


Together, we can provide incredible learning opportunities and experiences for RIT students through applied production and dissemination of digital media. We can support them as they travel to conferences, publish their work on digital storefronts, establish and grow their own companies, explore emerging technology, and work together in multi-disciplinary ways that span the colleges and programs throughout the campus. It’s for this reason that I directed my own gift to the MAGIC Center, not only as the founding Director, but also as an alum. Please join me in supporting this unique and vibrant experience for students in years to come.


Andrew Phelps
Director, RIT Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction & Creativity
Professor & Founder, School of Interactive Games & Media
Rochester Institute of Technology
www.rit.edu | magic.rit.edu | igm.rit.edu