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New York State Game Dev Challenge


I’m attending school in NYS but am not from here. Can I register?

Absolutely. We are allowing any students who are attending NYS Universities to register.


What if I have more than 5 team members?

In this situation you can register 5 members and then, if you’re a finalist, “hire” the remaining members. Just be sure to list it in your business plan including how much you’d pay them.


Some of my team members don’t live in NYS. Can I still apply?

This question can be answered like the above one. Register all team members that live in NYS. If you are picked as a finalist, you can “hire” the other team members. Again, be sure to list it in your business plan.


Are board games allowed?

We are only allowing digital games for this competition.


I made a small game for a game jam and posted it only for “pay what you want”. I want to revisit this and make it in to a full game. Can I enter this game?

As long as you plan to make it in to a full commercial release, then yes!


I’m making a VR/AR/emerging tech game. Anything special I need to submit?

If you are using any VR, AR, or emerging tech, please submit a gameplay video. We have a large panel of judges and they may not all have access to the various hardware. You still need to submit either a Windows build or an iOS/Android build as well.