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FOSS@MAGIC: Minor in Open Source & Free Culture

The minor is designed to allow any student across the institute to become a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Free Culture (FC) contributor, project leader, community manager and/or departmental resource for other students and faculty. The minor is administered through the RIT School of Interactive Games & Media, and involves courses from both the B. Thomas College of Computing & Information Sciences (where IGM is located), and the College of Liberal Arts.

The minor is intended for students who want to develop a deep understanding of the processes, practices, technologies, financial, legal, and societal impacts of these movements. The minor includes a set of computing and liberal arts courses that explore these aspects through research, analysis, and participation in these communities via the creation of digital cultural artifacts and team-driven software projects. Students complete three required courses, one constrained elective course, and one elective course.

Click here for a full rundown and description of necessary courses and requirements

For more information, contact Stephen Jacobs at sj@magic.rit.edu