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Frameless Labs Symposium

Frameless Labs — a campus organization housed under the umbrella of the MAGIC Center at RIT — is organizing its second annual symposium as part of a continuing effort to foster community for augmented, mixed and virtual reality across RIT.

The symposium will highlight research and innovation that use frameless mediums and their applications in areas such as science, education, entertainment, health care, content creation, display and many more.

Submitted research and creative projects by RIT community members will also be presented. Accepted projects are ones that extend Frameless Labs’ knowledge of the underlying systems and principles that support the content platforms, from computing, optics, imaging, interaction and similar modalities to the exploration of virtual and augmented presence through the study of the humanities and social sciences.

Frameless Labs seeks to cultivate networking opportunities, discussion and debate, and help identify potential internal and external collaborative opportunities.

The organization’s symposium is set for Friday, Dec. 1, at the MAGIC Center at RIT (in Student Innovation Hall).

Contact framelesslabs@rit.edu with any questions.

Open to Public
Friday, December 1, 2017
Student Innovation Hall
Contact : Jenn Poggi