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Bug Jar will be hosting ROC GAME DEV for a night of local video games and chiptune music.

Let’s have a party!
Video game showcase starts at 7PM // Music at 9PM

$7 under/$5 over

Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 7 PM – 1 AM

Bug Jar

219 Monroe Avenue

Rochester, NY 14607

MAGINARY MONSTERS: Imaginary Monsters is the video game work of Peter Lazarski. Come check out his spooky retro platformer Halloween Forever and get a preview of his monstrous new metroidvania in development, Abyxsis! https://go.twitch.tv/imaginarymonsters

DEUTERNOPIA: David Kilmer is a software architect for Measures for Justice and the creator of the puzzle game Reproduction Man. https://twitter.com/david_kilmer

NEON DEITY GAMES: We’re a small group of friends through gaming & development who got together to make fun games we want to play and bring to everyone because they make us laugh and smile while we make them. Check out their games Bruis’n Cruisers and Shutshimi! http://neondeity.com/

A SMALL ROBOT STORY: A retro-inspired platformer by bclikesyou about a small and confused robot. Blast through multiple levels and find out your origin story! https://bclikesyou.itch.io/a-small-robot-story-demo

// MUSIC //

LITTLE PAW: Throw an analog synth, eventide pedal, and open chords in to a blender, feed it to your corgi, and then travel to outer space on their back and you’d have something like LITTLE PAW. http://littlepawmusic.com/

HANG ON, GET READY: You know that part in a movie when someone says something cool like, “Fasten your seatbelts…” and then rad music plays while they race around a city? This is that cool music. https://hangongetready.bandcamp.com/

BCLIKESYOU: Vocoder + guitar + chiptune = tiny music for big adventures. https://bclikesyou.bandcamp.com

SBTHREE: Visual wizard SBTHREE will be overloading your eyeballs and brains with every color from the viewable (and unviewable) spectrum. https://www.facebook.com/sbthree