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RIT’s MAGIC Center held their first annual “ArTech Cre8-a-th0n”

RIT’s MAGIC Center held their first annual “ArTech Cre8-a-th0n” Sept. 16 and 17, putting the ​collaborative might of artists, programmers, engineers and makers of all kinds of on display.

This hackathon brought students from all the aforementioned backgrounds together. The groups they formed imagined and created an extensive variety of projects. Held in the Student Innovation Hall of the Center for Student Innovation (CSI), 14 teams sought to show what is possible when technology is cleverly combined with both art and design.

The Story and Culture Behind ArTech

The goal of ArTech was for these students to create projects which were comedic (just see the names of the awards below), yet purposeful in just two days. This event had been in the works for quite some time, according to the MAGIC Center staff.

Comedic Creativity: ArTech Cre8-a-th0n