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ArTech Cre8-a-th0n

On September 16th & 17th, the MAGIC Center, in collaboration with the FOSS@MAGIC initiative, will be hosting the 1st ArTech Cre8-a-th0n at RIT. At the event, attendees from RIT and the Rochester community will work on creative challenges that demonstrate the expressive power of technology when combined with art and design. Artists, programmers, and makers of all variety will start working on the projects on Saturday morning, and display them in an exhibit style gallery Sunday afternoon to be viewed by the public, attendees, and judges.


Attendees will be able to have their creations judged under multiple categories, for the following awards / in-house prizes:

The Great Orange Note In The Sky – the work that most effectively includes a musical aspect. Could be digital or physical, or ideally both.

Orange Kool-Aid – the work that has demonstrable educational impact and is simultaneously most popular with kids under 12.

RITchie the Rebel – the work that most effectively challenges the status quo of RIT technology, culture or practice for productive reflection and change advocacy

Flo(u|we)r City Circuit – the work that most effectively uses geo-location technology to engage the audience in the expressive work of the artist, not the “real world”.

The Coffee Can of Ashtiok – the work that most effectively uses humor and/or sarcasm to deal with the most dismal subject.

Pinky and the Game – the work that most effectively uses AI and/or machine learning libraries to make the human feel as inadequate and inconsequential as possible.

The Gwen and the Gwar – the wearable project that captures our eye in an inescapable spectacle, interactive to the wearer, the crowd, and the Queen.

The Couch Plunger – the project that is clearly the most complicated, unapologetic, effective in its expressive commentary and relatable to the community, yet stands complete as an utterly useless invention.

The Meta Melts In Your Mouth – the work that most effectively challenges our assumptions underlying the ArTech Cre8ath0n, that forces us to reflect on our dogfood. Yum!

THE GRAND POOBAH – A best-of-show award regardless of category or other prize, it might be one of the other winners, it might be the thing that was better than any category we thought of, it might be a cat on the internet. Judges decide.

Tools Available:

The MAGIC Laboratory and associated equipment will be available to teams on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We’re opening our doors as a workspace, both the lab and the other meeting spaces and staging areas. Arduinos, raspberry pi, Makey Makeys, wearables and other microcontrollers will be available, in addition to basic materials to work with (ex: cardboard, paper, markers). In order to work on projects with physical components, use of the Construct@RIT will be used for projects that require 3D printing, laser cutting, or use of larger tools.

While we’d never tell anyone what crayons they can use, we strongly encourage the use of open source tools, libraries, and packages.
The Rules:

There are no rules other than what you make will be shown off, and the technology/content developed available for everyone, and released under the MIT Open Source license wherever possible. We’re moving the ball forward, what we learn here is available to the world, and we’re excited by it – we want to get partners and projects that wouldn’t normally ‘happen’ to happen. As this is an on-campus event, all attendees are expected to abide by the RIT Code of Conduct.


Have questions? Email Dan at dan@magic.rit.edu.

More info on events, fun, and prizes, visit artech.magic.rit.edu, @RITMAGIC, or facebook.com/RITMAGIC.


We would like to thank our partner organizations for all of their support, including the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences, RIT Student Affairs, The Construct@RIT, the Future Everyday Technology Research Lab, Women in Computing @ RIT, Computer Science House, Art House, and RedHat.


FOSS@MAGIC is the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) program at the RIT MAGIC Center. Founded in 2009, it is an initiative created to help develop and support FOSS efforts at RIT. The initiative is active and engaged with the open source community at large, helping bring in renowned speakers and regional conferences to the RIT community while supporting local efforts in the Rochester area. Today, it continues to expand education in FOSS and foster collaborations with other universities and initiatives.