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Molly is a general purpose server-side development framework designed to simplify the development of complex web sites and apps, while not locking the developer into any particular design paradigm.

Molly has been used to build distance learning tools, virtual communities, electronic health record components, mobile apps, commercial web sites, and even a grid-super computing portal.


MollyPoint is a system built on Molly (implemented as a module) for creating, sharing, and teaching with online web-based lecture slides. MollyPoint can be used in the classroom, or for distance education in it’s video lecture driven mode. Authors create slides using a WYSIWYG and drag & drop interface right in their browser.

Molly Media Server: This project’s aim is to design and develop a multipurpose media server. It would help users consume and share digital media content in a variety of forms and formats allowing a diverse set of users to collaborate across multiple disciplines.