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Final Hour

Final Hour is a first-person, arena-based, multiplayer video game that is a unique mix of First Person Shooter, Survival, Horror, Adventure, and Role Playing Games. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, thirty months after the outbreak of a man-made disease within the city of Barrowsville. It incorporates multiple game modes of PVP and PVE style, each using different playing systems.

Founded in 1807 in the lower part of Pennsylvania, USA, Barrowsville was once a thriving city home to some of the brightest medical minds in the world. After the second world war, the city was chosen by the government to hold some of the world’s most advanced medical facilities due to its isolation and proximity to the nation’s capital. After decades of experiments, a major discovery showed that using genetically modified Paragordius various could start a regrowth in stem cells thus curing many terminal illnesses that had never before been cured. A statement was passed to test this new hopeful medicine on terminally-ill human subjects within the city. At first, the medicine was working miracles within every patient in the trial. However, as the weeks continued, the medicine started working against the body instead of with it. The patients’ condition rapidly deteriorated, then one night something inside each patient’s brain was triggered. That was the night of the outbreak.

The city was quickly confined by the government to contain the infection and within months the entire city was encased by reinforced concrete walls. Those left alive in the city were completely trapped and were forced to fight for themselves. You play as one of the few survivors left within the walls desperately trying to stay alive and uncover the truth behind the outbreak. Raiders by day, mutants by night, nowhere at any time is safe. The final hour of daylight holds the most crucial hour of the day as it’s time to slip into the darkness as they emerge from theirs. Will you be ready?

The City РExplore Barrowsville 30 months after the outbreak as buildings have been coated by nature. Every floor of every building is fully accessible leaving the player with plenty of room for exploring, scavenging and fortifying.

Mutants – They hide in the shadows by day and relentlessly hunt anything that moves by night. Once-innocent civilians now mutated by what is being called Hydra, carry the infection in their blood and saliva. Completely controlled by the parasite in their brain, these mutants seek to satisfy their unending hunger after sunset as direct sunlight burns through their pale skin.

RPG System – Build your character the way you want to play using various attributes. Upgrade your character’s agility, strength, knowledge and survival skills to unlock specific perks and abilities. Weapons and equipment usage are directly impacted by your character’s build as well.

Survival Vitals – Health, hunger, thirst, stamina, blood levels, and infection levels are all crucial stats to keep track of, in-game.

Crafting – There will be a variety of unique crafting recipes available consisting of weapons, traps, first aid, barricades, equipment and much more! Repair and upgrade equipment as usage will wear down durability (you don’t want your gun to jam when you need it most!).

Single Player, Coop, and Multiplayer Experience -Whether you enjoy playing games solo or with friends, Final Hour provides countless hours of entertainment during both online and offline play.

Realistic Physics – Real world physics have been implemented to allow features such as bullet drop based on the type of ammunition fired and bullet-penetration based on the material impacted.

“Final Hour”, by Barry Studios! Studio founder Matt Barry is a rising 2nd year student in the School of Interactive Games and Media at RIT whom we had the opportunity to meet this year. Matt founded his studio and started working on this game before he even came to Rochester Institute of Technology! He is both passionate and talented and we are thrilled to be working with him!