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NASA Space Apps Challenge

The NASA Space Apps Challenge is a 48-hour global hackathon engaging thousands of problem-solvers each year across the globe to work with NASA in designing creative solutions to international and interplanetary problems using open source data. The event is not just for coders, but for makers, designers, students, engineers, artists, and problem solvers. If you have a passion for space or “out of this world” problem-solving, then this event is for you!


RIT is excited to be a part of the network of 200 participating locations taking place all over the world and virtually in the challenge. This is the 3 year that we have participated in this challenge.

Event: NASA Space Apps Challenge

Date: Saturday April 29th – Sunday, April 30th

Location:  RIT MAGIC Center, Building 87



The event is free and open to the public. Participation is limited to 70 number of registrants so be sure to sign up at https://2017.spaceappschallenge.org/locations/rochester-ny/.