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 Adventure Guild

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The Mobile RPG You’ve Been Waiting For

Adventure Guild is a social Roguelike RPG built for mobile devices. Party up with your friends to explore the farthest reaches of the world. Tackle tactically challenging turn-based combat that forces you to work as a team.

A Full-Fledged Multiplayer Tactics RPG

Adventure Guild is one of the most full-featured multiplayer RPGs ever developed for mobile platforms. Gone are the expectations that mobile games lack depth and complexity. Adventure Guild strikes the perfect balance between the substantial gameplay of a real RPG and the simplicity of design mobile games demand.

Completely Customize Your Adventurers

Create, customize, and grow a totally unique party of Adventurers. Tweak everything visual from their facial features to their hair color to their wearable cosmetics without affecting equipment stats. Personalize their strategic playstyle by equipping new weapons and armor and choosing the loaded out Skills they take into battle.

Strategize in Tactical Turn-Based Combat

Control your Adventurers in tactical, turn-based combat encounters that challenge you to play smart and cooperate. Use your Adventurers Skills to your advantage, and combo them with the rest of your party to outsmart the monsters in your path. Procedurally scaled and balanced combat encounters keep combat endlessly fresh and challenging.

Bring Home the Loot

Form your party, explore the world, defeat evil monsters, and bring home the loot. Equip your Adventurers with the best loot for their playstyle; each attribute affects them in different ways. All the weapons and armor are procedurally generated, so you’ll always have new gear to find.

Adventure Anytime, Anywhere, with Anyone

Adventure Guild is built for mobility from the ground up. Adventure with your friends from your computer, phone, or tablet from iOS, Android, Windows, or your favorite browser. Our unbeatable cross-platform systems will make sure you never miss a beat.