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Helpful links

Here you can find resources to help you develop your prototype, marketing plan, and other required materials in order to enter the challenge. We do not endorse any of the following websites but are only linking to them as helpful resources.

NYS Game Challenge Discord server – find team members and get feedback. Come chat here!

NYS Game Dev Challenge 2017 Winners – article from Governor Cuomo’s office detailing the winners of last year’s challenge.

Pixel Prospector – Huge resource for indie game developers. Helpful info on development, marketing, graphics, and more.

The Basic Marketing Plan for Indie Games

Kenney Assets – Excellent free art assets.

The Game Pitch in 3 Sentences by Rami Ismail

Game Development Process and Timeline

TIGForums – The Independent Gaming forums are an excellent place to showcase your work and get feedback, as well as inspiration!