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Conservation Gaming

Last spring semester, RIT students collaborated with conservators from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to make educational games about art conservation. Led by Associate Professors Elizabeth Goins and Christopher Egert, the students divided into three interdisciplinary teams to make video games that focused on objects from the museum’s collection. Each game required an enormous amount of research into the history, aesthetics, materials and processes of the objects. Students then had to apply the research to the development of a game which would satisfy criteria defined by Met conservators.

Ashira Loike and Beth Edlestein have written about the project in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s blog.

These games are student created and produced throughout their work in a custom course and integrated environment that spans the study of humanities and computing. Students involved (by game) are as follows:

Mask of Agamemnon:John Ceceri III, Steven Bertonazzi, Kirstin Feigel, Alex Nacca, Jake Di Pietro, Daniel Strauss, Andrew Visconti

Damascus Escape!:Eric Bichan, Matthew Ferragamo, Lauren Furushima, Joel Poquette, Katriel Pritts, Derek Roche

Roentgen’s Workshop:Julienne Ablay, Veronica Brown, Joseph Lee, Matthew Morse, Amanda Rivet, Daniel Swan, Rachel Varner

Links and Downloads: